"Since starting with Burnfit I’ve gained confidence, friends and a love for FT Burn! I was looking for a safe and motivational environment and have found that here at Burnfit! The instructors are amazing, classes are fun (and hard work) and the men and women are supportive and encouraging! I’ve gained so much fitness and muscle tone and I am eager to exercise more and push my body! No matter where you are on your fitness journey, join Burnfit Studio, should be your next step".


“I’ll be honest — I was intimidated to exercise in groups and it was not my intention to change my exercise routine, but during my first session at Burnfit Studio, I met Nicola and Kieta, they encouraged and motivated me to keep working out. I struggled to “get out of my shell” and I was occasionally showing up, however in the next couple of weeks, I met so many friendly people that were encouraging me to come more often, so I did! Especially when there are new classes that I had not tried out before. I was encouraged to try out Zumba one day; it was an incredible experience, which I will never forget! The classes are so much fun, I come to one almost every day. I am very happy in making the decision to join this gym that I have decided that I will be staying for a long time. Now, every time that I plan on going to the gym, I am happy and I always smile through the duration of every single workout. The environment of Burnfit Studio is a judge-free zone".


"Since attending Burnfit Studio there has been endless hours of encouragement, guidance and motivation.  My workouts that I have been introduced to are nothing short of torture ha ha. I have formed strong healthy relationships through regular exercises including cardio, stretches and weight training which has strengthened my muscles and bones in my body.  I have also found that exercising can relieve stress, improves sleep, promotes weight loss, increases bone density and increases my energy levels and physical fitness. I push myself to my limits during a workout and feel the benefits of my exercise at the end and days after.  Burnfit offers a positive atmosphere, support in tricky situations and always ensures we have the techniques correct.

A number of us from Burnfit formed a team and participated in Row for Heart to raise money for a family with an unborn child with heart problems.  At the venue I joined with others for a minute burpee competition.

I completed the Stadium Stomp which involved 6000 stairs at the Adelaide Oval.  We formed a team with others from Burnfit and encouraged each other near the end to get us through.

I am currently taking part in a No Sugar Added challenge not an easy task for me.  I am doing this for the month of June assisted by information Burnfit  has provided.  I am looking forward to the outcome".

This comment resinates well with my personal experience at Burnfit (author unknown)

“my muscles power me, my heart powers my muscles and my mind powers my heart your inspiration powers my mind”

Nicola and Kieta – Burnfit - there is nothing to substitute instructors like you.
Come and try the classes you won’t look back.


My name is Ann Roberts and I have been going to Burnfit "Strength For Life " for .....weeks.

When I first started at Burnfit I had tendonitis in my shoulder which was causing me considerable pain and discomfort.

Before starting I was put through a series of exercises to determine what my level of fitness was and a complete personal plan of what exercises I should do was made for me. The trainer was very cautious about me putting any stress on my shoulder and gave me special exercises to help the healing process.

I am now completely free of pain and continue to attend Burnfit. My exercises are assessed every time I attend to ensure that I am getting the best results for my personal fitness.

All of the trainers are very approachable and the whole program is friendly and enjoyable. I never thought I would enjoy going to a gym but I look forward to going to my "Strength For Life" classes at Burnfit every week and really miss it for some reason I am unable to attend.

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