The most important meal of the day!

Nutritionally, a morning meal that contains quality protein and some fibre-rich, wholegrain carbohydrate will create a nutritional mix that will help to refuel the body after the night's fast, and keep you full and satisfied for several hours after eating.

The less mentioned issue associated with our breakfast choices is that we love to pick up breakfast from our local cafe, and cafe breakfasts are very different from those we prepare at home. Whether it is a jumbo milky coffee, which can contain more energy than a meal, or sweet pastries and baked goods, many cafe breakfast options are packed with fat, energy and sugars.

Our love for lattes and flat whites can come at a nutritional price. A regular milk-based coffee contains a similar number of kilojoules as a slice of toast, and while the milk can be a nutritious addition, the growth of sweet plant-based milks commonly used by baristas can mean that you are getting a hit of added sugar with your morning brew without realising it.

Replacing food in the morning with a milk coffee means you run the risk of delaying your hunger until later in the morning, when we are more likely to grab a sweet snack to take us through until lunchtime. Or, adding a large coffee to your regular breakfast can easily blow out your breakfast kilojoules.

The most important thing to consider when it comes to breakfast is whether or not you are hungry when you are eating it. There is nothing wrong with waiting an hour or two after waking to eat, and in some cases, it is actually a better option as you are more likely to be hungry rather than eating simply because it is breakfast time with less nutrition.

Should you eat before your morning workout?

That depends on your goals. Exercising in a fasting state can help to increase the amount of fat being metabolised. If your workout is moderate, like a walk or early morning flow impact fitness session, you do not need to eat. On the other hand, if you are active, lean and train at high intensity regularly, a small meal that contains some carbohydrate and protein such as an energy bar, slice of toast with nut spread or protein-rich yoghurt will help to fuel your workout and support muscle recovery.

So if you want to improve your energy levels and increase your metabolism, or just looking for some inspiration, look no further! We have the THREE MUST EAT Breakfast foods for you!

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Three must eat breakfast foods
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